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Thanks to internationally recognised accreditations, confirmed for the first time in 1996/7 by the Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS), ProCert has the ability to certify a wide variety of products and management systems, according to international, national and regional standards.

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If you are interested in a real partnership with a certification body with professional and personally committed auditors, then ProCert is the right choice for you.

We are committed and known for high-quality audits, which help you improve. Please contact our market directors for more information.

ProCert : high-quality services

We live Quality in our company every day and always with the thought in mind.  Because of this, dear customers, we operate with the expected quality and within the required timelines.

ProCert - reliable value

We are established in different markets for the past 20 years, thanks to carefully chosen auditors and a professional management team. Look and see!

See here a part of our team in Bern (Switzerland)

ProCert - combined audits

Do you have different certifications with various certification bodies? We can offer you integrated, combined audits.


Publication of IFS Food V7 postponed

The possibility for certification bodies to become IFS Food accredited has been available since the first publication of the IFS Food Standard in 2002. Accreditation is an essential part of guaranteeing the integrity of the IFS standards, which the certification bodies then demonstrate through the quality of their own certification activities.


Latest developments in connection with the BRC Global Standard Food

Interpretation of requirement 1.1.2


Additional official controls on products originating from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russian Federation and China

The European Commission, with the "Guidelines on additional official controls on products originating from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russian Federation" and the "Guidelines on additional official controls on products originating from China", dated 28.11.2019, revised the additional control and reporting measures for certain groups of organic products grown and processed in defined countries.


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