Company policy


We are recognised as professionals with a high standard: serious, competent, fair and impartial.

Through our services of auditing, certification and training, we contribute to the sustainable success of our business partners.

With our work, we ensure compliance with standards and thus increase the confidence of consumer in the products and services of our customers.

Our commitments:

• We ensure proximity to our customers.
• We advocate high-quality and credible audits and certifications of both products and management systems.
• We commit to an excellent reputation for certification.
• We increase the competence of our customers with targeted continuous training.
• We are committed to sustainable business relationships.
• We stimulate our business partners to further develop their systems, processes and procedures in order to optimally meet the chosen Standards.
• We support the Scheme owners with recognised competencies in the development and revision of standards and concepts.
We promote internal competencies:

• We encourage high social and professional competence as well as the versatility of our employees
• We support and promote our employees as a central pillar of our success and customer relationships.

Our principles:

• We strictly adhere and comply with accreditation guidelines, Scheme owner guidelines and legal requirements.
• We treat all clients according to the same standards and with high personal commitment.
• We work with a lean organisation with efficient and effective processes and procedures that focus on client needs
• We commit to continuous improvement of our quality management system
• We monitor and preserve our impartiality.